Home workouts for everyone!
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Do you want to continue getting in shape while youre on weekend/ vacation/ don’t have time for our classes?   We’ve prepared a list of our favorite

Breakfasts – Preparing for the marathon !
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Breakfasts for marathon Are you planning to do the marathon of the 9 April? Here you will find some nutritional

Biscuits with carrots and lemon
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  Biscuits with carrots and lemon Help your body with the purifying and detoxifying properties of the lemon and your intestine

Orange Salad
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Recepit suggested by an italian special friend of me, Maria Cristina. Orange Salad The orange, the most common citrus in the

Muesli – Do it yourself !
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  Muesli Muesli is a mixture of cereals and dried fruit, usually consumed during breakfast. It can be eaten alone, but it is

Avocado and Basil soup
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  Avocado and Basil soup Help your heart with the healthy fat, present in the Avocado and your intestine with kefir,

Renew or register now by 28th February 2017 to receive a free goodie
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All members who register for the first time or renew their membership by the end of February 2017 will receive a bottle water as reward. Several colours are available and they

Nike 10Km Paris Centre – 2/10/2016
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The Imagine Sport Association (ISA) was created with one simple goal, to promote sports and interaction among all personnel working at the Imagine Institute and